Many people assume that since they have no obvious health issues then their cholesterol level is great and they are fit and healthy. On the contrary, cholesterol builds up in the system slow and silently. It is not until you suffer from cardiac arrest or angina that you realize your health is at risk.

It is essential to know your cholesterol levels and ensure that you find the best means to lower it in order to avoid its long term negative impact on your health. Cholesterol tests should be one of the many procedures taken annually in order to stay healthy.

How do we know what foods have LDL? Low Density Lipoprotein or LDL is the bad cholesterol that experts warn we should avoid. LDL is found in saturated fats while HDL is found in non-saturated fats.

Saturated fats are found high in content in meat, poultry and dairy products such as cheese, cream, ghee and high fat milk. One of the best ways to lower cholesterol is to watch what foods go into your meals and avoid foodstuff that has saturated fats.

Some of the healthy foods recommended by experts to lower body cholesterol include vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, asparagus and carrots. Fruits which should always form a huge part of your daily meals is another important food group.

Fish and seafood contain a lot of essential oils. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in these food group has very little LDL and so should be taken regularly to replace fatty meats. Other food groups include nuts, legumes and grains. Lean meat and skinned poultry should be eaten in moderation.

So what foods should be avoided to lower body cholesterol? Today’s society is used to fast food outlets as a means to reduce time wastage. Unfortunately, most of these meals bought on fast food chains have been associated with high body cholesterol.

These foods include French fries, burgers, pizzas, sausages, deep fried chicken wings and delicacies. Avoiding these foodstuffs and exercising regularly will lower your body cholesterol effectively. If your cholesterol is too high, then medical treatment should be included.